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Splunk stream for HTTPS on IIS - cannot decrypt ephemeral session


We are trying to use Splunk stream on a webserver with IIS, using https based site.

Web server is listening on port 8443. DiffieHelman is disabled on that IIS server.

We ran the following:

  1. Install universal forwarder on IIS server
  2. Install SplunkStreamTA on the uf
  3. Install the private key on streamfwd
  4. Configure from Stream UI on the search head to capture the following:

HTTP srcport 8443 OR destport 8443
TCP srcport 8443 OR destport 8443

  1. Restart splunkfwd

As a results we do not get HTTP events, just TCP events with unreadable content.
We also see in streamfwd.log the following:

stream.SSL - SSL decryption error (cannot decrypt ephemeral session)
stream.packetProcessor - SSL record decryption error (corrupted data?) (ssl) [c=,s=]

To investiage and eliminiate networking and promiscous mode issues. we used the openssl guide to simulate the same scenario without IIS:

Using openssl as a webserver on the same UF, Stream was able to successfuly decrypt the data.
We received both TCP and HTTP events.

Any idea what could be the issue?

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