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Splunk for A10 Networks 2.0: Why is the SLB dashboard not showing data, but I can see the raw SLB logs in a search?

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Hello Team,

I am running the Splunk for A10 Networks app on Splunk. All seems to be fine except the SLB logs are not showing, however, I can see the raw logs in the search. The application version I am running is 2.0
any suggestion?


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Hi ricardogemeo3004

Sorry for bothering you. Do you have experienced some troubles with the dashboards? I some cases I have timestamps instead of Servers IP.

I believe that this are related to the format string in Aflex file.

Any idea for circumvent this issue?



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Hi Charbel.
Its works.
You need change the udp port -> source type to "a10_slb".


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Hi Charbel,
I have the same problem. Do you had any solution?


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