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Splunk Web Analytics: No data found in Generate Session and Generate Pages when I reinstalled the app

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The web analytic was working fine when I installed first time. I had to reinstalled (uninstalled + restart + installed + restart), the generate session and generate pages are not showing any data. I tried with tag=web site=* and they are showing results. To troubleshoot, I clicked on Job/Inspect Job on the Lookup pages and have seen the query that is trying to get result (and eventually giving nothing). So start with the very first search of the large search/format, it searching search (eventtype=pageview site=*) ........ in both the Generate Session and Generate Pages. The criteria eventtype=pageview itself is failing to produce result. When I am trying eventtype=* I am getting the result. Each event is showing with the eventtype as eventtype = external-referer eventtype = non-pageview eventtype = visitor-type-direct eventtype = web-traffic web eventtype = web-traffic-external. Can someone explain what is going wrong here. How can I fix it. Already spent hours on it. Any help will be highly appreciated.

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I would take a look at the website section of the setup menu. I had this same issue and what it ended up being was my websites were gone. Once I setup that again, I had to run the generate sessions and generate pages once more.

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As the app relies heavily on data model accelerations you will not see anything in any dashboards (except the "Real-Time" ones) until this acceleration has completed. Initially this could take a while. There is a "Data Model Audit" dashboard that will tell you if the acceleration is complete or not.

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