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Splunk_TA_Windows Performance Monitoring dashboards not working

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Is the transforms.conf working correctly for the 'counter' extract in the Splunk_TA_Windows app?

REGEX = counter=\"?([^\"\r\n]*[^\"\s])
FORMAT = metric_name::$1

I am having issues getting the Performance Monitoring dashboard working and my investigations are leading me to think that the 'counter' field is not being populated and it is necessary for the drop-down in the dashboards to work...

Testing the regexs via search of the others in the transforms are working fine:

perfmon-index eventtype="perfmon_windows" object=*
| regex object"=\"?([^\"\r\n][^\"\s])"
| regex instance"=\"?([^\"\r\n]
| regex collection"=\"?([^\"\r\n]*[^\"\s])"

| table object, instance, collection, counter

but the counter extract doesnt work:

perfmon-index eventtype="perfmon_windows" object=*
| regex counter"=\"?([^\"\r\n]*[^\"\s])"
| table counter

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