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Splunk Mobile- Supported Visualizations not visible in Mobile

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Hi All,

I configured Splunk Mobile on my android device, and I am not able to view some of the simple dashboards i created. From connection perspective, all looks Ok.

Simple supported visualizations like pie chart/line chart are not showing up on my mobile device, and i see an error:

alt text

I see some erros like:

2020-01-16 13:10:38,327 ERROR [subscriptionrequests] [subscription_requests] [set_processing] [4022] Unable to set search to processing state searchkey=12fdc9a98cfe8aa4644222d348d61bb30f21b08963101535315a812e23839e32, sid=1579176636.1149, dashboardid=nobody/search/mobiletest, typeid=bd0093a16f1f490c55485582a661fd7ea4b36839aa1247b6b7075df4d5eb11b1/2/0, type=1, ref=, base=, id=, idhash=None, query=index="internal" sourcetype="cloudgatewayappinternallog" loglevel=ERROR | stats count by source, earliesttime=-1h, latesttime=now, sampleratio=1, refreshintervalseconds=, nextupdatetime=, subscribers=[u'xyz'], inputtokens={}, processing=False, roles=[u'cloudgateway', u'user'], dispatchstate=5, doneprogress=1.0
source = /splunk/var/log/splunk/splunk
appcloudgatewaysubscriptionrequests.log sourcetype = cloudgatewayappinternallog

any suggestions how to fix it?


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Having the same issue. Bar charts are displayed correctly for example.
And I don't think it is relating to timing of the search, as my bar charts are taking longer then the pie charts. And even narrowing the search window to 15 minutes, which is nothing in relation to search time, it is not working

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I have the same problem 🙂
Is it a problem of time out : query do not get a result fast enough ?


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