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Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit: Maintaining older ForecastViz Color scheme


We prefer the color scheme and layout of ForecastViz provided in version 4.0.0 and would like it to be a permanent visualization in our own app.

Can we do this by copying files?
We did give it a try with following files copied but did not work.

static/visualizations/ForecastViz1/ { formatter.html, preview.png, visualization.css, visualization.js }

We renamed ForecastViz from version 4.0.0 to ForecastViz1. we can see its available in splunk but during display time we get following error due to NoData.
"Your data must contain _time, field to forecast, prediction, lower/upper confidence interval, and must use modvizpredict or forecastviz macro to generate data".

I have checked these macros and they are available.
search works for other visualizations but not for ForecastViz1.
Any help would be appreciated.