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Splunk MINT Network & View Logging

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We have Enterprise Splunk backend. I was evaluating Splunk MINT iOS SDK as a tracking mechanism for our app. I integrated Splunk MINT SDK and created a Splunk MINT account to see the dashboard. But I was not seeing 2 of the core benefits of the MINT SDK working.

  1. Was only seeing network monitoring for very few endpoints (only some 3rd party SDK's). None of our main API's showed up. This article states by default all endpoints are monitored -

  2. Track views - Not seeing anything related to this in the Splunk MINT Dashboard. As per this article, view load and amount spend all are logged by default.

iOS App (Tested on iOS 11.2.6)
Xcode 9.2
Splunk Mint SDK: 5.2.3 integrated via Cocoapods

Any help would be appreciated.

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