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Splunk MINT (Mgmt Console): How to control grouping?

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Hi, we're trialling the Splunk MINT App on SplunkCloud/Enterprise and also on the old MINT Management Console.
It looks like the MINT App's functionality is quite limited in displaying Errors (no breadcrumbs, no custom data set with Mint.logException('dataname', 'datavalue', ExceptionInstance) ), so we're now focussing at evaluating the MINT Management Console UI.

Is there a way to control the grouping of the Exceptions/Crashes? I understand there's an errorHash property which likely includes the stackTrace content. However our Android stacktraces often diverge from about the 4th line even for errors that we wish to have grouped together, so without being able to enforce manual grouping, or without Splunk agreeing to change the way the grouping works (e.g. by only taking into account line 1 of the stacktrace), Splunk MINT won't fit the bill for us.

Is there any way to control the grouping? Some competing tools e.g. allow to create grouping rules in the Dashboard UI after the exception data is ingested, or alternatively we could give you a custom hash as part of the exception payload - if there was an API to allow this in the SDK.

Also, we're quite surprised that the "View Logs" link for each individual Error Instance doesn't show Logcat output for the specific instance (despite the URL of the link being error instance-specific). Is this a bug that will be fixed?

Thank you, Boris

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi Boris -

MINT Management Console (MMC) is designed to give developers an overview of their mobile apps but not a complete picture. See the Differences here. On MINT App, data is raw and unfiltered. MMC uses sampled data.

You can add and view custom data sets with MINT App. See Add Custom Data to Crash Reports. You can also use breadcrumbs and view the raw data in Splunk with MINT App.

With MINT App, errors can be grouped at the analysis level. See the intro to Splunk's SPL and details on searching with MINT App here.

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