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Splunk MINT: Limit/Group Mint sessions for iOS App Extensions

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An iOS App Extension (for example a custom keyboard) is essentially treated as it's own app/process in iOS with it's own separate process life-cycle.

Read the Extension Overview here:

Each time we launch and shutdown an app it's treated as a session in Splunk MINT.
App Extensions are short lived processes. For example a custom keyboard lifecycle is launched and shutdown each time the user is entering input in an app.
The hide/show of the keyboard will create many sessions in a short period of time which we don't want.
Is there a way (EG via custom session handling) to limit a session record.
EG once per day if launched one or more times that day?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Currently there is no way to switch session start off. Your feature request has been passed to the dev team for review. You do have the option to avoid SDK initialization in Custom keyboard mode for your app, but you would lose all SDK functionality so it comes with a significant trade-off.

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