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Splunk DB Connect: Splunkd error "HTTP 402 – Requires license feature='Auth' when transitioning from Splunk free trial to the free version"

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I installed 7.0, and understood that after an initial period it would downgrade from the Enterprise Trial to the Free version, I guess I am now at that stage.

The main use I have for Splunk is interrogating several databases using DB Connect, after "downgrading" to the free version I am now presented with the above error message when I try to create a new identify or connection, is this a limitation of the free version, or is it because I have not correctly installed a free licence (if there is such a thing), if this is a limitation of the free version will the existing connections eventually stop working and stop pulling data into Splunk from the various databases?

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I tried.
You can turn your Splunk to Forwarder License and enjoy your DB Connect 3.2.0 : )

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I cant say I have ever tried to run DBX on the free version, however as you will have noticed, when you change your licence type to 'free' Splunk removes all the authentication requirements, and (quite possibly) disables the authentication systems which DBX relies upon.

I would maybe see if you can get a ticket open with Splunk (although at a guess, you might find this troublesome if your not currently a licencesed customer.)

Your next best option, is to see if one of the good folks from Splunk sees this ticket, or try over in the Slack channel, where quite a lot of the Splunk guys hang out!

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@nickhillscpl is correct -- it should continue to function on free, but configuring it will take at least eval licensing because you need authentication capabilities.

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We had the same issue with DBX on the free version. Upon asking about additional licensing options, the "Splunk Developer License" or the "Personalized Dev/Test Licenses for Splunk Customers" were discussed. As of the time of this post, the "Splunk Developer License" and "Personalized Dev/Test Licenses for Splunk Customers" are free licenses for development/testing purposes. The info that I received is the "Splunk Developer License" is limited to 10GB per day, and no requirement exists to be a Splunk customer. The "Personalized Dev/Test Licenses for Splunk Customers" license is limited to 50GB per day (urls below).

"Splunk Developer License" - for non-customers

"Personalized Dev/Test Licenses for Splunk Customers"

The following url does not mention any additional limitations like disabled features like authentication capabilities, but Splunk version 6.5.0 or later is listed as a requirement.

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Has anyone come across this before, is it a limitation of DBX on Free?

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