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Splunk DB Connect: How to configure data input so that Splunk searches all records?

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I am fairly new to Splunk. I am trying to configure a data input.
My SQL is like select * from customer
and customer table is huge with 3575635668 records.

I was able to configure the data input, but when I search it only gives me 10000 records. I need the entire data in Splunk so that I can create reports using the same data.

Can someone please assist me with this?This is my parameter configuration.
alt text

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Hi @ppanchal

I'm not sure about this, but I believe it's because you set up 10k rows in "Max Rows to Retrieve" and you schedule the execution of the sqlquery to run only at 14:12 each day. So you end up with 10k of events per day only.

This parameter adjusts the number of rows to retrieve with each query execution.

So you either increase the amount of rows to retrieve or you can schedule your query to run more often.

Hope it helps.

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