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Splunk DB Connect: Connecting to a Vertica Database and Utilizing an Identity



  I'm connecting to a Vertica database.  The latest JDBC driver has been installed and connecting to an older Vertica instance.

I set up an Identity with the username and password, but when I tried to create a Connection, it fails with a authentication warning.  

My solution for now was to edit the JDBC URL manually via the interface and add in the user and password parameters as shown below.

e.g.  jdbc:vertica://

The connection now works and proves out that the JDBC driver and credentials are working.

This isn't a proper solution though as anyone with administration privileges in DB Connect is able to see the username and password if they edited that connection.

Any ideas on how to make a Vertica JDBC connection utilize the Identity set up?

The jdbcUrlFormat in the configuration is: jdbc:vertica://<host>:<port>/<database>

I was wondering if one solution is a way to reference the Identity here.

e.g.  jdbc:vertica://<IdentityUserName>&password=<IdentityPassword>

I have tried similar things and that doesn't work either.

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Hi @KendallW ,

    The error is "Invalid username or password.  However, I am able to connect using other applications to the same database with that username and password in the Identity and that is what I am using in the jdbc url to access.



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Hi @KendallW ,

  I reread you post and realized I didn't answer the Identity question.  I do not get an error when saving the identity.

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Hi @neilgalloway does it give any error when you save the identity?
Would you please share a screenshot of the error you are receiving when trying to save the connection using that identity?

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