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Splunk DB Connect 3.11: Issue with rising columns

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Splunk DB Connect 3.1.1. -- I am having issues with rising columns. I get the query results when I execute the query, but when I choose the rising columns it shows "no matches found".
I'm using Splunk 6.6.2 version with MSSQL server

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I have the same problem. After upgrading to DB Connect 3.1.1 It will not populate rising columns table.
There are no non-indexable tables involved in the query.

Splunk 7.0.1

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i am not sure of this rising columns issue, but for another issue, i have been reading the release notes and there is a known issue related to rising columns issue.. may be check this -

Known issues
Date filed Issue number Description
2017-10-10 DBX-4454 Invalid rising column index value when non-indexable columns are skipped

Remove non indexable columns from the query

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