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Splunk DB Connect 3.1.1 upgrade now gives Error in 'dbxquery' command

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When I configured a getting data from Oracle DB I got error after execution query.
Error: Error in 'dbxquery' command: Invalid message received from external search command during setup, see search.log.
DBConnect version is 3.1.1

Please, help me to solve this problem. Thanks!


Do your query has "comments"? I faced a similar issue and after replace from "--" to "/* ... */" it solved.

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Hi eduardocorb, thanks for your answer, but my query does not has comments. I think that problem in new version 7.0 and I'm waiting for help, because my problem was not solved yet.


Hi @a_salikov , I'm facing the same problem right now. Could you solve it? Thanks in advance.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey @markhvesta, your similar post came through the moderation queue, but please follow this post instead. Additional info from @markhvesta:
"The log only references this same generic message, and when setting up the new input, the tables and schema for the new database connection are seen but the error is received before being able to select the input type"

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Same issue here. Actually, every search produces the same result. Inputs or ad-hoc. Splunk 7 dbconnect 3.1.1

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