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I have installed the Splunk Cloud Gateway app and registered my device and apps for mobile devices.  But when I use a major of the dashboards on my mobile device I see the following exception on the cloud gateway app dashboard.

2020-10-30 13:15:16,214 ERROR [dashboard_request_processor] [dashboard_request_processor] [fetch_search_job_results_visualization_data] [35913] Failed to get search job results search_id=4d646b7793ce9e18cb8a6b82b9c05f02a03ca7ec06d9529006333abb947e32d8, response.code=400, response.text={"messages":[{"type":"FATAL","text":"Error in 'rest' command: Invalid argument: '$datatype$'"}]}

I'm running Splunk Enterprise 7.3.3 on Linux and Splunk Cloud Gateway v1.13.  The connectivity test with curl to the websockets and gateway server work just fine.  I have green status on the gateway dashboard and message statistics.  

Any suggestions are appreciated. 

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