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Splunk App for Web Analytics: How to resolve missing data?


I've read several threads on this already, as well as have been over the documentation. I'm not sure what I've done incorrectly.

Quick summary:

Apache data is going into Splunk. Source type is apache:access. I added this to the [web-traffic] section in eventtypes.conf:

[OR sourcetype="apache:access"]

The logs are going to the 'main' index, which my user has access to.
The lookups under "setup" do not return any data, nor does eventtype=web-traffic
However, tag=web does work in the app context.

"Data model audit" also does not return data. (and acceleration says 0)

What am I missing with this?


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi jgauthier

The apache:access sourcetype does not extract all the fields you require for this app out of the box. Make sure that all field extractions that are currently mapped to sourcetype access_combined are also mapped to apache:access. You can do this by making a copy of props.conf in the "default" folder into the "local" folder and edit the section with field extractions linked to "access"combined"/

Let me know how you get along.


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What "lookups under setup"? It will really help if you provide a more complete context and fuller framing of your problem including sample events and searches.

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Are you familiar with the application?

From the instructions:
Once the data has been imported run the two lookups "Generate user sessions" and "Generate pages".

They are the only two lookups under 'Setup' in the context of the application.

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