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Splunk App for ServiceNow: Can we implement custom fields?



Hello Support Team,

I am trying to integrate servicenow app/addon on Splunk and would like to enable the ServiceNow Event Integration for the trigger action. However, I am wondering if there is any way for us to customize the fields. Currently we see 5 fields: Node, Type, Resource, Severity and Description. Does anyone know how to add/change the fields similar to the one in ServiceNow Security Operations add-on for Splunk? The ServiceNow Security Incident has the fields: Title, CI/Host, Category, Subcategory, Group, Source, Priority and Description. We do not want to use the security incident as that is not enabled on the ServiceNow side yet.

Kindly let us know if there is a way.

Thank you.


I don't thinks its officially supported, but you can follow this process:

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Enhancement request ADDON-17893 has been filed to add the Description field to incident creation.

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