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Splunk App for Jenkins 2.0.3 - Splunk Cloud support

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We are using Splunk App for Jenkins on Splunk Cloud 7.2.9, but would like to upgrade to v8.0 soon. On Splunk Base, Splunk App for Jenkins 2.0.3 support 8.0, but not yet certified for Splunk Cloud. Hopefully soon. My concern is the app v2.0.3 only lists support for 8.0 and 7.3. We would like to first upgrade the app on splunk cloud 7.2.9 and then upgrade to SC 8.0. Is there any reason why Jenkins app 2.0.3 can't also support 7.2.x?

Also, would love to hear an estimated timeframe on when Jenkins app 2.0.3 will be Splunk Cloud certified.

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