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Splunk App for AWS - Modify / Clone RDS Usage dashboard


I essentially would like to clone the Relational Database Service usage dashboard so I can mess with it and do some testing. My main goal is to filter RDS Instances by their Tag but cannot see an easy way of doing this as it acts funny when I attempt to modify or clone this dashboard.

When I attempt to clone this dashboard, the new dashboard hides the RDS Instances Input which means I cannot do any searches. I am worried that if I straight up modify the dashboard I will put it in a similar state. Any tips?


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Re: Splunk App for AWS - Modify / Clone RDS Usage dashboard

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Hi Andrew,

The reason your cloned RDS dashboard didn't work is because that dashboard relies on a custom JS script. That JS script, which named rds.js is loaded in the DashboardEntry.js script. DashboardEntry.js will load that custom JS script with the same name as the dashboard. The built-in Relational Database Service dashboard is named rds (i.e. its ID is rds), so, DashboardEntry.js will load that rds.js automatically for the dashboard.

So apparently, you need to use "rds" as the ID of your cloned dashboard. In order not to confuse other users, you can give "private" permission to your cloned dashboard.

Hopefully this helps.


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