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Splunk Add-on for Unix and Linux: script issue

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As per solution provided on answers forum against the Question: Issues with SplunkTAnix and AIX, we changed the script to separate the two commands.

netstat -i -Z; sleep 1;
CMD='netstat -in'

But seems like Splunk user does not have the root privilege to execute netstat -i -Z command. Is there any other way on AIX server to execute this command with Splunk user (using another command or giving sudo permissions or adding splunk user to some AIX group), apart from re-installing the Splunk forwarder as root user?

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Re: Splunk Add-on for Unix and Linux: script issue


You could use sudo and configure sudoers to allow the splunk user to run only the exact command (please use the full path) that the script needs to execute, then call sudo netstat -in in your script.

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