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Splunk Add-on for ServiceNow: Are there any impacts to the add-on when upgrading ServiceNow from Eureka to Helsinki?

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We had ServiceNow Eureka version and Splunk Add-on for ServiceNow 2.9.0 installed. Things are working fine. Now, ServiceNow team is planning the upgrade to Helsinki... will this break the existing setup? Should we reconfigure and redeploy update sets for Helsinki?

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We have recently upgraded our ServiceNow instance directly from Eureka to Helsinki as you are planning to do and our ServiceNow - Splunk integration worked post-upgrade with no changes required.

We do, however, only consume ServiceNow data into Splunk and not vice versa (using the ServiceNow event management plugin) so I can't comment on whether that will be affected or not.

I'd recommend checking the connection in a test instance first.

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