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Splunk Add-on for Service Now. Unable to create incidents from alerts

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I have the following configuration:

heavy forwarder with splunk add-on for servicenow installed and all inputs & accounts configured here.

Splunk Cloud with Splunk app for servicenow installed.

On Splunk cloud when I create an alert and choose service now incident integration it says it cannot find an account to use.
However, when doing the same on the heavy forwarder it can obviously find an account since it is configured in the add-on.

So I then go to splunk cloud to try to configure the account. But in the app under configure > account setup, it gives me a 404 error "Unexpected error occurs. Unexpected error "" from python handler: "HTTP 404 Not Found -- Not Found". See splunkd.log for more details"

If I install the add-on on splunk cloud then the configuration pages just do not load. So I am stuck in this limbo where I need to configure an account but I am unable to.

Any help would be excellent.

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It is telling you the problem: it cannot connect to the server. Many admin things in Splunk Cloud (such as installing apps, but maybe that is looser now) require you to open a support ticket to get their guys to do the admin. I would definitely open a support ticket and see what they say.

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