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Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Cloud Services, splunk is not able to read .gz blob files, how do I fix this?


I am using Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Cloud Services to ingest .gz log files from blob storage.

When I look in the index for these logs.gz, all I see is garble. The source indicates .gz, but I don't understand why Splunk cannot unzip and read it.

Here is a sample...

�Y�Q[��MK�@����%��k6�����    I{YD�x��R��L�����0�3sN��0<���&�R�Tf��B����ZICB�Tt�a�̛۪X��.�6ܶ���n���Pn�����u<��ٿ������ܺ+�k��<ɕ��'���C�"��M]U����0�� �0�A�O��P��y��N  bLNM&;�H.����f���f��!�S�F�B}x|3�>��a�k$3;��[`v�!7gg�ah�����"�o�)!��z<[��,��S�0ة�|����

source = logs/20180720-11_0.gz

Please advise.

Thank you

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