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Splunk Add-on for Imperva SecureSphere WAF: Why does the add-on not correctly parse event names with a space in them when parsing Incapsula log?


I've noticed that the add-on for imperva WAF, when parsing Incapsula logs, doesn't correctly parse event names with a space in them. For example 'Blocked country' or 'Blocked IP' are never parsed and just become NULL. Event names without a space are fine.

Anyone know how to fix this? I know the relevant props. conf entries are

EXTRACT-CEF0 = ^(?P[^\|]+)\|(?P[^\|]+)\|(?P[^\|]+)\|(?P[^\|]+)\|(?P[^\|]+)\|(?[^\|]+)\|(?P\d+)
EXTRACT-CEF_Version,CEF_Vendor,CEF_Product,CEF_DeviceVersion,CEF_SignatureID,CEF_Name,CEF_Severity = ^(?P[^\|]+)\s+\|\s+(?P[^\|]+)\s+\|\s+(?P[^\|]+)\s+\|\s+(?P[^\|]+)\s+\|\s+(?P[^\|]+)\s+\|\s+(?[^\|]+)\s+\|\s+(?P\d+)

However, I don't understand why it wouldn't correctly pick up event names with spaces since [^|]+ means one or more characters not match caret or pipe character.

Anyone have ideas or already resolved this?

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Hi gordo

Let me know if you still have problem with Imperva Add-On

We implemented it with our Splunk and it is working perfectly

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