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Splunk Add-on for Amazon Web Services Error downloading update


Trying to setup a Splunk Cloud trial to see if it fits ours needs, however we can't install the Splunk Add-on for Amazon Web Services because of this error

Error downloading update from NOT FOUND

This occurs on both Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Light cloud instances


Hey ozouaivisor,

Try this path instead:
The latest version is 4.5.0

Let me know if this helps!!

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It doesn't seem possible to change the path in Splunk Cloud trial.

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That link will download the latest for enterprise and local installation but can't use it to update light / cloud instances. Seems we need to get the Splunk team to change it for cloud installations. I have submitted a ticket and will also call support. Splunk is unusable with S3 without this plug-in.

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Can you also help me out and log a support case for the Microsoft Office 365 add-on?

I get the following error when trying to install the app in Splunk Cloud.

Error downloading update from Not Found

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