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Splunk Add-on for AWS API Calls

I need to find a list of AWS API Call's the AWS Add-on for Splunk uses and the Splunk Docs for the Add-on don't seem to contain this information.

I am particularly interested in the CloudWatch API Calls such as 'GetMetricStatistics' and how the Add-on decides the starttime and endtime parameters (As these cannot be defined inside the input configuration).

Basically any information regarding the API calls the Add-on uses would be a very useful resource and a good first step.


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I know its an older post, but i am also trying to figure out the same. Did you manage to get the answers to these?

Is there a way we can change API cal from GetMetricStatistics to GetMetricData as GetMetricStatistics can only return 1440 data points which can result in errors many a times.

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