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Solaris monitoring using Splunk


I am New to Spluk & installed indexer on windows server & forwarder on Solaris Sparc.
Now I would like monitor below types of

Change in system value
Pkg installation details ( if any new package installed, that should detect by Splunk)

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Here are some of the most likely logs you will want to monitor:


The sulog file, /var/adm/sulog, is a log containing all attempts (whether successful or not) of the su command.


Unsuccessful login attempts after five consecutive failures are logged in the file /var/adm/loginlog


This log records system console output and syslog messages.


This log records the commands run by all users. Process accounting must be turned on before this file is generated.


This file is a catch-all log file for a number of messages from the UNIX kernel as well as for other logging applications such as syslogd. The file is formatted as an ASCII text file and entries are usually one record per line with new entries appended to the end of the file.

You can use the [Monitor] directive to monitor the log files:


Hi catch_mili

you can either monitor the /var/sadm/pkg directory for package installation or run scripted input from pkginfo -l.
What do you mean by

Change in system value

do you want monitor /etc/system ?


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Also I do think this is more of a Solaris question than a Splunk question. "How can I monitor this in Solaris?" is one question - after that it's just a matter of getting that data into Splunk.

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