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Sideview Utils: How to add a button to submit values for two form inputs and run a search?

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I've checked the other answers on this site, including the ones referencing SideView Utils and adding a button to each table event, however, I think I'm looking for something else.

I have two input fields on my dashboard. I want to be able to enter text into both fields, then either click a button on the dashboard (this is preferred) or click a link that will take both inputs and append a custom command to the end of it, then submit it.

So, for example, I have a form with a field for email address, and then a field for subject. I want to be able to take those two form inputs, then append | sendemail $address $subject to it, then the link/button will run that search.

Hopefully that is enough information to go off of, but, please let me know if I can provide more details.

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Well this is pretty straightforward in Sideview Utils, but you can also do this without much trouble just using the default Splunk Dashboard editor.

Here's how to do it in hand-edited Sideview XML.

<module name="TextField" layoutPanel="panel_row1_col1">
  <param name="name">to</param>
  <param name="label">to:</param>

  <module name="TextField">
    <param name="name">subject</param>
    <param name="label">subject:</param>

    <module name="Button">
      <param name="allowSoftSubmit">True</param>

      <module name="Search">
        <param name="search">foo | sendemail $address$ $subject$ </param>

        <module name="JobProgressIndicator"></module>

If you're using the Sideview Editor you would click and edit your way to the above hierarchy.
Be sure to read the first few introductory documentation pages within the Sideview Utils app, and then also read the TextField docs and examples page. That'll give you enough to understand this simple view, and then you can expand out to the other UI modules and their docs and examples pages.

But again, in this (really very simple) use case you can also just use core Splunk UI features - in brief, add a search to a dashboard panel, edit the panel, and then click "add input", and read a bunch of Splunk docs about how to then parametrize your search with $foo$ tokens.

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