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Sideview CustomBehavior works on one box but not another


This may be a version issue. On my dev system I am running Sideview Utils version 2.6 while on production I am running version 2.4.9.

On my dev system I have a CustomBehavior module that strips the file extension from a file name entered into a TextField prior to running a search. It works perfectly and the Sideview version is 2.6.

On the production system the script either does not run or it fails. Everything is identical except the version of Sideview is 2.4.9.

Does the earlier version not support CustomBehavior or should I be looking elsewhere?

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Well I don't think there's any difference in how CustomBehavior modules work between those two versions. The last time the CustomBehavior system changed was back in 1.3 and even then it was backwards compatible and remained so.


1) what it could be is something that the CustomBehavior is doing. Since it's just source code, it's possible you have written the code so as to rely on something that didn't actually work that way back in 2.4.9. Post the source of the CustomBehavior definition, or email it to me.

2) And if it's failing, it'll be logging a JS error into the error console and that'll pinpoint the exact line where things go wrong. Find that error and paste it into your question too.

3) And this is longshot because I think you have learned this lesson already. 😃 But SplunkWeb caches static files very aggressively and it has had bugs and regressions where it can fail to invalidate old cached code when apps are upgraded. If a full clear of your browser cache makes the problem go away, then go to the FreshMaker and click the "bump endpoint" link and click the button there - that will invalidate the static file cache for all users. Note that restarting splunk has no effect on these cacheing problems.

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