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ServiceNow - sys_user_group input is not pulling from the servicenow table sys_user_group



I have this input setup in Splunk_TA_snow in the local folder. When I first configured this input it went successfully in the test index below.  I got the records from the associated servicenow table.

Now, when i change to prod index and restart splunk the TA writes this to the log for sys_user_group:

2020-07-21 14:00:48,988 INFO pid=14877 tid=Thread-1 | start^ORDERBYsys_updated_on

I'm not getting any records which is ok, but is looking for any record in the ServiceNow greater than 2020-07-20. I need to back populate this table into prod index but the TA does NOT go back to the since_when time below. Any ideas to get this data?


since_when = 2000-01-01 00:00:00
disabled = 0
duration = 300
id_field = sys_id
index = servicenow_test
timefield = sys_updated_on





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Since you already have that data in Splunk, have you considered copying over the buckets from the test index to the production index?

I believe the ServiceNow TA tracks the last update from a given table to avoid duplicates. That is why when you change the index it just continues from the most recent update from that table.

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