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I have a working connection with ServiceNow and can pull data from the database based on my inputs.  However one thing I am trying to do is pull down information related to a custom database view that is not a database table that would normally be found in the SNOW database.  For example I have a custom view called u_customview_splunk.  Is there a way to pull down a custom view from ServiceNow with the current TA?  I  have tried configuring the input as follows


account = servicenowaccount
duration = 60
id_field = sys_id
index = snow_index
since_when = 2000-01-01 00:00:00
table = u_customview_splunk
timefield = sys_updated_on
disabled = 0


Is there another variable that can be called (i.e. instead of "table = xxxxx", something like "view = ......").  I haven't seen this yet in the doco.  

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