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Send syslog to Splunk Add-on for Unix and Linux (native)


Hi all!

I have to install a Splunk server and a universal forwarder (as a syslogserver). To the UF, I send data from the firewall, switches and access points.

I use the native log forwarding methods from the devices to send the data to the UF.

Now I have to create some dashboards, including when a device is reachable, down, critical...(ping?)
Or also the bandwith from the firewall...

For these, I want to use the Splunk Add-on for Unix and Linux on the UF, and then the APP on the Server.

Is it possible to send the data from the device to the UF (with Add-on installed) without installing a UF on the firewall or switches?

Or is there maybe a preferable way to deploy it, with another app or something?

Thanks for your help!

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Of course. The easiest way to agentlessly send events to Splunk is with the Http Event Collector:

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