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Sankey sorting


Is there a method to sort sankey by the largest cumulative item in the left side group?

I'm doing some throughput analysis and I i'm displaying volume between two nodes and we need to see it arranged from biggest to smallest.

I've tried doing a cumulative total and sorting on that.
The stats table I produce is in the correct order but the sankey makes its own determination that I can't figure out.
I've sorted through every available field and can't figure out what it is using as a sort.

alt text

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Path Finder

It should be possible to develop a custom command in Splunk which sorts Tree segments in the desired order and then pass the output to a Sankey diagram for visualisation.

This is my attempt to develop a custom sorting:

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

@Lucas K

I just came across your question. We do not support sorting in the current version of the Sankey, but I have filed your feature request for consideration in the future. Let us know if you found a way to do it that was good enough for you. Someone else might be interested.

Thanks for the feedback!


I would also be very interested in this feature.

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New Member

Hi! Any updates on this? We would also like the sort feature to be implemented.

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