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SQS-Based-S3 Input for Cloudtrail - Does it support "blacklist" and "Exclude describe events" ?



I am using SQS-Based-S3 Inputs (multiple inputs retrieving from the queue) to ingest CloudTrail data. The documentation says the standard input supports exclude_describe_events and blacklist to filter out unwanted events. Just wondering if the same is supported when its a SQS Based S3 Input .  Note: Currently I am using PROPS/REGEX to exclude events but got it working only after a few attempts (after a few rounds of errors about MATCH_LIMIT being exceeded. 


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Hi @deepamshah ,

Did you get a solution to this?


Also how did you achieve it using props/regex?

I am looking to ignore some Cloudtrail events too from S3 bucket but blacklist isn't working like mentioned.

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