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SNMP Modular Input SNMPv3 Encryption Key Protocol supported block cipher mode


I noticed that for SNMPv3 Encryption Key Protocol, specifically for AES, these are the few supported protocols:


When i configured to poll on a Switch (Brocade) and SAN Storage (Unity) using SNMPv3 with AES256, it doesnt work. However if i fall back to DES, it works.

I did some searching and understand that Cfb is a type of block cipher mode. Does it affects if the end device (in this case, the switch and san storage) is using a different type of block cipher mode? If so, does it mean that both SNMP Modular Input and the end device must be on Cfb block cipher mode in order to be compatible? Are there any ways to make it such that SNMP Modular Input supports Encryption Key Protocol outside of those mentioned above?

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