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Rising column not working with Netezza connection

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First I just want to say we are using DB Connect and DB Inputs with Rising columns extensively with DB2, Oracle and SQL Server database types - all without issues.

But recently we've been trying to setup a DB Input with Netezza database and the rising column is not working - not doing what it's supposed to be doing. I have a DB Input setup to run every 5 minutes and it pulls the same record everytime. Looking at the TIME column I am using as a rising column, and the checkpoint value Splunk DBConnects uses, it looks like the checkpoint value isn't precise enough to make the where statement work as intended.

The query is:

    FROM "HISTDBV3"."HISTUSR"."$hist_failed_authentication_3"
    WHERE TIME > ?

The value of the TIME column is:

2020-03-10 19:34:04.884102

The checkpoint value is (according to the Edit Input interface):

3/10/2020 19:34:04.884

So of course if with statement "WHERE TIME > ?" then it is always true (19:34:04.884102 > 19:34:04.884).

Looks like a bug to me. Anyone experienced this?


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