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Rename splunk installation directory



I was wondering if it was possible to rename splunk installation directory.
I have several splunk instances named like that




In order to automate the install process I would like to rename all those path by : /opt/splunk/splunk/


Could you please tell me if it is possible and how to do so without breaking everything ?




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Hi @cubeeu,

you have to set the $SPLUNK_HOME environment variable that you can find in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/splunk-launch.conf.

in other words:

  • stop Splunk on the server,
  • change $SPLUNK_HOME in splunk-launch.conf,
  • rename the Splunk folder,
  • restart Splunk.



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If you are using systemd to start splunk instances you must also update those unit files to point to the correct binary.
f you haven't updated those manually then just disable + enable boot start as normally to update those.
And if not use systemd then you must do it for init.d version of startup scripts.
r. Ismo
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