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Remove group name showing in panel headers when using tabs and switcher module

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I'm using the tabs and switcher module in Sideview utils to control other modules on the page. However, the default group is being shown as a header for every panel. How can I remove this?


The solution is to put

group=" "

on the Tabs module itself. You might have seen this in the examples. I'll take a look back and my Tabs docs and mention this explicitly if I'm not already.

Basically the dashboard template (the code that runs whenever you have template="dashboard.html" up in the view tag), has some weird conventions around what group attributes "mean". One of those conventions is that in views that use the dashboard template, any group attribute found within a particular layoutPanel, will be pulled up and displayed as a green panel header.

Since the Tabs module, and also the Table module and Switcher modules also rely on group attributes for key functionality, the two conventions can collide, and unwanted green headers can appear. I tried pretty hard to find some better way to fix it at a deeper level, but the best workaround at the moment is to put group=" " in where it's needed, OR to use custom CSS to make the green headers completely invisible on the given view.

In the long run, the way I want to fix this problem is to actually provide a template in Sideview Utils that is designed to replace the Splunk dashboard template entirely. However this is a bit of an undertaking to do right, so I it's unlikely to happen any time soon.


Sure. If your view is called "your_view_name_here", then you would use this custom CSS.

.splView-your_view_name_here .dashboardCell .splHeader-dashboard,
.splView-your_view_name_here .dashboardCell .splLastRefreshed {

note that "splView-" has a hyphen!

as a custom CSS refresher, you put the above snippet into either into
1) application.css, or
2) a custom CSS file in the app, referenced in the view's "stylesheet" attribute, or
3) a custom CSS file in the app, referenced as one of the stylesheets referenced in the SideviewUtils module's "customStylesheet" param.

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Thanks Nick!

I think I want to go the CSS route. Is is possible to add code to the dashboard header tag using Sideview?


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