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I am interested in understanding if we can use this product can monitor external web URL's.

The Only Solution we have in place today to monitor External URLs is SCOM url monitoring internally, which creates an issue for us since the external url resolution needs to go through a proxy server. Timeouts on the proxy will produce a 503 service unavailable which Spawns SCOM alerts and Netcool P1s, usually these urls are alive and healthy after we check them.

We need to monitor all of our external URLs externally and are currently evaluating several solutions.


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You could potentially use the REST API Modular Input for this.

It is basically just doing HTTP requests , has HTTP/HTTPS proxy support , GET/POST/PUT support , can index responses and any HTTP error response codes etc...

So setup (n) stanzas for monitoring all your web URLs , and then write some Splunk searches to fulfill your monitoring use cases.

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Thanks for the response back.

We are actually evalutating Keynote. I'll have to look into the Gomez product further.

Thanks again

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you could set up a modular input that performs various checks against the external IPs. Though this would be monitoring the outside from the inside and you may still have proxy issues. Have you or are you evaluating keynote or Gomez. This is exactly what they do, they give you the outside view of how your website is doing.

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