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REST API Modular Input: How do I adjust the frequency the REST API makes HTTP requests?


I need that REST API makes HTTP requests only once a minute. How I make this?

This API makes many requests per minute. I don't need this. I can't adjust the frequency of requests.

I change the field "Sequential Stagger Time", but this doesn't do anything.

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The polling interval parameter controls the frequency of requests.The default is 60 seconds.

As per the description in the UI :

alt text

If you are seeing more requests, then perhaps my guesses are :

1) you have errors , search with "index_internal ExecProcessor error" to find any
2) you have some other processes in the background doing things

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  1. I didn't find any erros. This API executes perfectly;
  2. When I disable, the requests stops immediately.

Below, the content of inputs.conf without some confidentiality attributes

auth_type = basic
http_header_propertys = Content-Type=application/json
http_method = GET
index = freshdesk
index_error_response_codes = 0
response_type = json
sequential_mode = 0
sourcetype = freshdesk
streaming_request = 0
url_args = format=json,page=1
disabled = 1
sequential_stagger_time = 
polling_interval = 600000
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Are you performing token replacement in the URL ?

Also, just an observation 600000 should be 60 (seconds).

There was a typo in my error search string above , try this in Splunk:

index=_internal ExecProcessor error
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Thank you for efforts on helping me, but:

I'm not perfoming token replacement.

I put 600000 for tests and other higher values, but the frequency of requests remains unchanged.

I tried this search query, but it didn't return any results. The app indexes responses perfectly, but tcpdump in Linux confirms the number of requests.

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