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Python3 syntax error in AWS addon script


I believe there is a latent bug in the script for the AWS Add-on.

The function list is from the latest version (5.2.0)



   def list(self):
        names = None
        if self.params.names:
            names = self.params.names.split(',')
        results = self.config_mgr.list(
            self.endpoint, self.params.hostname, names)
        items = []
        for result in results:
            item = copy.deepcopy(result['content'])
            item['name'] = result['name']
        print json.dumps(items, indent=2)



Notice the print command.  In Python 3, print is a function and thus requires braces.  For Python3, I believe the code should actually be print (json.dumps(items, indent=2))

Additionally,in compose_cli_args

for resource, desc in resources.iteritems():

should be

for resource, desc in resources.items():



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