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Pulldown values from PostProcess

Path Finder
<module name="Search">
    <param name="search">index=aaa | stats count by BBB CCC</param>    
    <module name="PostProcess">
        <param name="search">dedup BBB | fields BBB</param>
        <module name="Pulldown">
            <param name="float">left</param>
            <param name="name">BBBList</param>
            <param name="label">BBB List</param>
            <param name="staticFieldsToDisplay">
                <param name="label"></param>
                <param name="value"></param>
                <param name="searchFieldsToDisplay">
                    <param name="label">BBB</param>
                    <param name="value">BBB</param>
        </module> <!-- End Pulldown -->
    </module> <!-- End PostProcess -->
</module> <!-- End Search -->

The pulldown lists all the BBB field items rather than what I've specified in the postprocess. Why?

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I'm definitely missing something. The Pulldown lists all the values of the BBB field because that's exactly what you have specified in the PostProcess.

With a base search of

index=aaa | stats count by BBB CCC

and a postprocess search of

dedup BBB | fields BBB

and a searchFieldsToDisplay param on your Pulldown specifying that both option values and option labels should be pulled from the values of BBB - the Pulldown will indeed be rendering the distinct values of BBB as its options.

Can you elaborate on what you expect it to do instead?

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