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I have installed the most recent version of the Search Activity App (2.2.12) to the Server that is running Splunk Enterprise 7.0.3 on Red Hat Linux, and is currently operating as my Search Head Cluster "Deployer" and my DMC. I have also installed the current version of the SA-ldapsearch app (2.1.6) on this same machine. I have been able to run a successful LDAP test connection in the SA-ldapsearch app. However, when I try to configure "Basic LDAP Data" setup in the Search Activity App, and I attempt to select the "SA-LDAPSearch" option, Nothing populates in the Domains drop down box and there is a message below it that says "Search produced no results". In addition, if I try to use the search that is offered up as the "Existing LDAP Lookup" search, it claims there are no results. I would really like to use this app, but I'm having a very difficult time getting it up and running. Any help would be appreciated.

BTW, I attempted to use the Support Request Link from within the app, however, it returned a “Page Not Found” error. In addition, I followed a link to an app page for David Veuve (the app creator) that had a "contact me" link that led to a contact email, and that email bounced.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hello! Apologies for the numerous issues trying to get help.. I apparently need to work on several things... one of them is that I'm about to start work on a new release for the Search Activity app, so we will hopefully have a much simpler overall situation soon.

For your specific issue (or for anyone else having the issue who comes across this) -- I will have to do some troubleshooting to figure out why it's not rendering for you. You can get 90% of the value of the app without configuring LDAPSearch at all though, so I wouldn't hesitate to continue using it in that configuration. Comment here to let me know if you're still using it, and would like to see this configuration resolved, and we can arrange a time to connect on WebEx to see what's going on in your environment and how it can be resolved.

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