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Problem with MLTK to run a model


Hi everyone,

I'm annoyed because I use the MLTK machine learning module to predict the score of one of my applications (using ITSI data).

For that I execute a request , I make a simple standardcalculation with a number of variables, then I run the model on my variables with standardcalculation and some other qualitative variables.

The model runs well and is saved.

When I then want to apply this model with the commands:

| apply Healthscore_Application_DB_StandardScaler_0 
| apply Healthscore_Application_DB

I have the following error

Error in 'apply' command: No valid events; check for null or non-numeric values in numeric fields

I don't understand why because I have this error also when I use exactly the same query as for learning. So there are necessarily valid events.

If anyone can help me, I'll be grateful.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

That error comes from Fit and Apply's data cleaning under the covers, check out

when you do a |summary for the models can you see a completed model ?
When you build the models, are the permissions correctly set to use those models in another app (I think you are using ITSI for example) .

Have you checked out the MLTK FAQ page for more guidance?

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