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Possible to use FTP Receiver with sftp protocol?


is it possible to use the SFTP protocol?

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I added SSL/TLS support in version 1.1.0.
The app will only support TLS/SSL if you install the necessary libraries (I cannot include them in the package since the files are platform specific). I include a script that you can run once to get the libraries installed; See the README for instructions.
Note that this isn't SFTP but rather FTPS. It is a little different than the original request but adds encryption support either way.
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The FTP Receiver app doesn't support SFTP since that is entirely different protocol than FTP.

However, it can be made to support FTPS (FTP over SSL). If you want this, I could probably enable support for this in the app. Let me know if you want this.

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If you mean to pull in data to the Indexers, then: No. You can however setup a Heavy Forwarder and build a script (make it atomic by pulling in files with a blacklisted suffix like *.tmp and then rename them once they are transferred) to use sftp to put the files where splunk is waiting for them. In such a case I use batch with sinkhole instead of monitor so that they get deleted as each is forwarded.

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