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Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk: Which add-on do I use to monitor WebLogic logs?



I have installed Oracle WebLogic App for Splunk and navigate to add-ons and found below
function1_weblogicserver_eventgen Function1_WLS_App Function1_WLS_Managed_win_TA SA-Eventgen
Function1_WLS_Admin_nix_TA Function1_WLS_IDX_SH_TA Function1_WLS_nix_performance_TA
Function1_WLS_Admin_win_TA Function1_WLS_Managed_nix_TA Function1_WLS_win_performance_TA

I need to know if Splunk can monitor WebLogic logs or not, and if, yes which add-on I have to use?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

For Linux Weblogic Server:

For Windows WebLogic Server:

Look at the inputs.conf on each of these Admin/Manged files to verify the location is correct (this only monitors in the default logging location)

On Search Heads and Indexers:

On Search Head:


what i am trying to say that i have log files of Weblogic that contain below messages and i want to know if this addon contain extraction for it or not
weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)

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Path Finder

Hi Ahmed, what is the path to the log file that you find the "weblogic.kernel.Default" messages in?

The add-ons can monitor log files from Web Logic. As tsweet said, the best thing to do is look at the inputs.conf configuration in the add-ons and determine if the log files you want to monitor are in those paths.

Below are two monitor stanzas from the "Function1_WLS_Managed_nix_TA" inputs.conf file as an example:


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