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OpsGenie App: Trigging alert doesn't work unless user has Admin role


Hi all,

Having some problems with Alerts & OpsGenie. Actually it works when using at Splunk user with Admin role. But I'm not a fan of adding Admin roles to "normal users". Would like to create a new role for this group of users who needs to create OpsGennie alerts.

Have done some testing with different capabilities - but haven't found the right combination yet - hence this question 😉

Using Splunk 6.6.1 and OpsGenie 1.1.5


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Disclaimer: I'm an employee at OpsGenie 🙂

OpsGenie App uses the storage/passwords endpoint for storing OpsGenie API Key securely. Hence, you need the assign the "list_storage_passwords" capability to the desired user according to this document:

Hope that helps,

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