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Only returning specific fields


I'm using the app to report on around 300 Jira tickets at a time and it's taking quite a while to return results, to try and resolve this I want to return only the specific fields I need. In the documentation it says that I should be able to use the fields command to request only specified fields but this isn't working. Has anyone else got this working?

I've tried using the test search specified in but it still returns all the fields:

| jirarest jqlsearch [JQL_QUERY] fields "status,duedate"

I've also tried this using the jira command instead of jirarest but there's no difference.

It looks to me like the code that is being used is an old version. There are features that are using the old documentation instead of the newer one, for example, the documentation on the Add-on page specifies that we can get internal field names returned using the changefield command, but this doesn't work, instead I can get this with the use_internal_field_names command that is documented in the file.

Has anyone managed to return individual fields using this app?

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