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No input from JMX app


Trying to setup Splunk Add-on for Java Management Extensions.

  1. Added a server, connection is successful
  2. Created an input with that server with default interval
  3. nothing else happens, no data

I ran tcpdump for a good 30 minutes, starting right before adding the server. It captured the packets of the initial server connection during the add process. After setting up the input (with default 60 second interval) I never saw additional traffic, and no data is generated/ingested.

Also ta_jmx_task_monitor.log is empty.
There is literally nothing to go off of in the logs, even while set to DEBUG. Just the constant flow of
"Total JMX Account retrieved :: 0" OR "stanza count:0" OR "Retrieving log level with NS" OR "Log level update"

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