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Netskope App for Splunk: Where do I find the API key for this app?


Following the instructions for the Netskope app there should be an option under Settings - Tools - REST API, but I am not seeing it.

Is my app limited or is there another location where I can generate an API key to provide to the Netskope Splunk app?

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Hello @mdargie! The API key is provided for you in the Netskope software. This is not something Splunk can request for you. You will have to login to your Netskope instance, and find the API key in the settings there.


Aplura, LLC Support

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On the Netskope side, Netskope REST APIs use an auth token to make authorized calls to the API. The token can be generated in the UI by navigating to Settings > Tools > Rest API.The token should be passed in every REST API call for the tenant. Netskope REST APIs provide access to resources via URI paths. HTTP GET is the only supported method.

The format is as follows:;

The token passed is obtained from the tenant UI. If you have any questions, or need any assistance finding the token, please let us know.

Mike Refakis,

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